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March 19, 2012

I purchased one of your 27-foot pole saws online and received it super fast! I used the saw to trim my four queen palm trees in Florida, and it worked great!!

What makes it even more special, I'm a complete level T2 paraplegic, I don't have any feeling below my arms. I was able to use your saw from my wheelchair with ease.

Dennis Knox

April 1, 2011

Mr. Mitchell,

I just wanted to let you know, I received the new pole last week, and just now got a chance (weather finally broke!) to get it out. Fifteen minutes after un-boxing, I am finally able to cut these high branches down, that were overhanging the street. Of course, being April Fools Day, I had to send it to my buddies to show them who had the "biggest pole" around. :)

Seriously, this is one of the best buys I'll make all year. One use and it's paid for (in terms of not having to rent a sky-jack thing).

Jim Gilbert
St. Louis, Mo.

October 13, 2011

Just a note, I purchased your 13-foot saw and then added your extension. We hunt in northern Minnesota and we build deer stands cutting 100-150 yard shooting lanes. Your saw is super for trimming high spruce and cedar branches. We used to carry a saw blade and cut poles as needed and they were never very good, strong enough or reached high enough.

Great Product!

J. Hancuch

November 16, 2011

Dear Mr. Mitchell:

I wanted to send you this picture and let you know my thoughts on the 27’ saw I recently purchased from you.

The picture shows a portion of the limb I cut (the end visible in the picture was cut with a chain saw once it was on the ground).

The saw arrived not long after I ordered it. I took it out on my back deck, opened and assembly it according to your well-written directions.

The large limb in the picture was hanging over my deck and also interfering with my TV reception. Although it took the full reach of the 27’ saw, I was just able to rest the blade on the limb from my deck and have enough reach to move the saw back and forth. By following the directions and not letting the saw bounce as I cut, I was able to saw through the limb in about ten minutes (with a few rest stops). The limb broke after it was cut about two-thirds of the way through and dropped on the ground near (but not too near) my deck.

A quality product (built as advertised) and well-written instructions allowed a 56 year old to remove a troublesome limb right out of the box.

I am also glad that I purchased the scabbard. It is very sturdy and makes it much easier to store and transport the saw.

Thank you for selling a product that is as good as advertised.

Norm McGee
Clemson, S.C.

December 11, 2011

Hello Monte,

This is just a note letting you know that I am very happy with your long-reach pole saw.

I opened the box, did an assembly check-out, then decided to go ahead and cut the high palm tree branches that had been out of reach. I was done in 15 minutes doing the work from the ground and not having to take chances on a high ladder. Back in the box until "next time".

Ed Morris

February 17, 2010

I got my new toy today and have given it a test run. WHAT A BLOODY RIPPER. Couldn't be happier with it and the service you gave in getting it to me. Mind you I had a few moments trying to work out how to fit the extension but I did the un-Australian thing and read the instructions and while I can't see myself trying to cut anything at that height I really appreciate you sending it to me. Once again thank you.

Bob Lynch

November 4, 2009

I received the pole saw I ordered from you, just as you said, via FedEx Ground, in perfect condition and right on time. I've been busy, and just unwrapped it and used it for the first time this afternoon. It is a GREAT tool! Everything you said it was, and more. And the PS1 is exactly what you say: Extremely Sharp! Works great!

December 10, 2009

I love the 27-foot saw! Got to use it the day after I received it. With my 6'3" frame, I was able to get some wild cherry near my house whose tips extended 35-45 feet in the air from my position on the ground! That saves me in a lot ways. Got windy today. Will try again tomorrow!

I live on the south shore on eastern Long Island and I'm using the saw around my house,but I'm finding it to be all that you advertise it to be. I've done nursery and landscape work for over thirty years and this saw can help both the homeowner and the professional as long as you follow the directions and use good common and safety sense. I found out about you by Googling 'pole saws' on the Internet! It's a beautiful thing!

August 14, 2005

I was concerned that with a 21-foot pole, I wouldn't get the necessary leverage to saw through a dangerouse 5" to 6" hardwood branch, even using the premium blade. Five to 10 minutes, and I was through it.